of interiors
and words


Mirko Beetschen grew up on Lake Thun, Switzerland. He studied English and American Literature as well as Journalism at the University of Berne, living in the US and in London for some time. He worked as a journalist for interior design and architecture in Zurich for six years, before becoming partner of the Bergdorf company.

Mirko Beetschen now lives in Berne and Interlaken and works as a writer and journalist.


Stéphane Houlmann grew up in the city of Berne and attended Hotel Management School in Lucerne. He started his own business in 1997, today's Bergdorf company.

Stéphane Houlmann now lives in Berne and Interlaken and works as an interior designer, consultant and manager of the Bergdorf Homes apartments in Berne as well as the Maison Bergdorf in Interlaken.